KELMAPLAST Insulating Tape No 20 – in accordance with VDE, SEV, ÖVE

Technical features

Material: soft, ageing-resistant and flame-retardant PVC
Thickness: 0.15 mm with transparent adhesive
Colours: black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, grey, brown, purple and green-and-yellow (other colours and dimensions on request).

KELMAPLAST Marking Tape No 21 – in accordance with DIN 40705

Marking tape no 21 is self-adhesive.

Technical features

Colour: white
Print: black

KELMAPLAST Duct Tape No 22

This self-adhesive duct tape can be used for a wide range of applications. It is equally suitable for use on pipes and ventilation shafts (etc) and for attaching PE sheet to metal, plastics, plaster and concrete.

Technical features

Material: PE sheet with woven cloth inlay, rubber-based adhesive, PVC-free
Colour: silver-grey
Properties: easy to tear off, great adhesive strength, repels splash water

KELMAPLAST Marking and Warning Tape No 30

Self-adhesive warning tape.

Technical features

Colours: black-and-yellow or red-and-white diagonal stripes

KELMAPLAST Lamp Tape No 32

Self-adhesive marking tape for street lamps that are not constantly switched on at night.

Technical features

Colours: red and white