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Considering the high costs and demand of man power following after the destruction or demaging of pipes and cable lines by excavators or mechanical works - KELMAPLAST - one of the leading European producer and supplier of special tapes, has made great efforts to develop and produce tapes of a totally new generation basing of long-term experiences in research and production.

KELMAPLAST tapes are a very good reputation Europe-wide - you can find them everywhere. Our customers appreciate the high quality standard, the simple handling and the possiblity to save money due to "disappeared" or damaged cables or pipes.

introduces and manufactures numerous innovative products and new developements for the protection, location and identification of all kinds of grids and main systems to meet all the technical, technological and economical requirements of its customers. Of course, all our products are ecologically benefical because made of polyethylene, which is neutral to ground water and free of emissions.

KELMAPLAST Underground Warning Tape No. 94, the latest number of this new generation, fullfills all safety and production specifications in according to the very high standard of EN 12613 and TS 0126/96 (Underground Warning Tape of the Deutsche Telekom AG). The outdated warning method of using longated tapes has been changes by the technology of extreme tearing resistance. With perforated breaking points the tape guarantees almost perfect warning. It only tears under extreme force of the excavator. Recovery of fragmented tapes even as high lifting speed is guaranteed. In addition the bright colours also support this warning effect. The imprint transparently coated is resistant to scratching and wiping and permanently colour-fast identifies the type and owner of the grids and main systems at a glance.

Using the KELMAPLAST Detectable Tape No. 6 Cu, newly developed in cooperation with the FH-Hannover, customers reach a very safe location of buried cables and pipes, no matter if it is located galvanically, inductively or by myrianetic waves technique. The installation of two covered and fully laminated copper wires for the active locating and connection testing and a bare copper wire brings about sensationally good locating results and exact depth measures, even in difficult situations and in extremly long measured sections. Objections against the usage of copper wires in contact with earth could be eliminated effectively together with the FH-Hannover in long-term test series.

KELMAPLAST offers with its product Cable Protection Foil on a Reel a perfect protection for underground cables and pipes. The tape is placed in the ditch and simply rolled out - a quick and cost saving method. Shifting is impossible during pounding work. There is no penetration of stones or gravel into the sand base. The material can be refilled separately from the sand base.

By producing State of the Art products KELMAPLAST does not offer only individual solutions but also system solutions. A range of like tapes of barriering, warning, advertising and protecting, cable marking bands and periphery products complete the list of goods.

Our long-term business within Eastern and Western Europe bases on our technological progress, on our high quality and our well-known reliability.

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